South Dorset Community Sports Trust

“Our charity, South Dorset Community Sports Trust has been working with Rachel Barton for several years and as a result of her expertise in finding and submitting suitable, appropriate and well presented funding applications we have been able to provide additional community facilities which would otherwise not have been possible. Over the course of time Rachel’s grant successes have produced six figure outcomes and enabled us to build two extra fitness suites and open a new cafe. Not only has this given the community what has always been desired in the area but it has also made our business more sustainable and added to surpluses which have been reinvested in the business, very much a win/win scenario for all concerned”.

Nigel Williams – General Manager, Osprey Leisure Centre

At Barton Consultancy Portland, Weymouth, Dorset, we have a wealth of experience to access funds from trust, statutory, lottery and corporate sources. We also try to offer advice on grant fund raising for Charities, Sports Clubs, Schools and Churches This service was developed to take the effort and paperwork out of your hands in a streamlined and cost-effective way.

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